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教會對安樂死的聲明 - 一九八零年五月五日發自羅馬信理部
Declaration on Euthanasia - Prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (May 5, 1980)
NEWSLETTER May 1999: Euthanasia
Euthanasia: By Fr. John Russell, S.J. from Prolife News Quarterly No.4, June 1991
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Seven Reasons Why They Should Not Be Legalized: Luke Gormally [1997] – From the Linacre Centre
Selective non-treatment of newborn infants - Prof. Victor Yu, Professor of Neonatology, Monash University
Papal Address on the "Vegetative State" and Euthanasia [2004-04-05]
"Intrinsic Value and Personal Dignity of Every Human Being Do Not Change"
Euthanasia: Unpacking the Debate [2002] From the Linacre Centre
Helen Watt analyses certain concepts and historical facts relevant to the euthanasia debate. Key issues discussed: euthanasia legalisation - the Netherlands - the 'slippery slope' - value of human life - respect for human life.

 Human Cloning

Danger of Genetic Manipulation - Address by Pope John Paul II to members of the World Medical Association (October 29, 1983)
Some thoughts on cloning – Fr. John Russell
Human Cloning - A response by The Linacre Centre to the consultation document 'Cloning Issues in Reproduction, Science and Medicine' [1998]
Where the Holy See Stands on Human Cloning [ 2002-03-03 ] Supports a Worldwide and Comprehensive Ban
Declaration on the production and scientific and therapeutic use of Human Embryonic Stem Cell - Pontifical Academy Life(2000-08-09)
Statement of the Holy See on Human Cloning addressed to the United Nations [2004-10-22] "Humanity Needs a Common Basis, a Common Understanding of Humanity"

 Church Teaching

John Paul II's Address on Conflict of Interests in Medical Research [ 2002-04-12 ]
"Ethical Values Must Be Brought to the Fore"
Holy See's Address at Assembly on Aging [ 2002-04-09 ]
"Older Persons Must Be Seen as One of Society's Treasures"
Pontifical Academy for Life (September 26, 2001)
"Prospects for Xenotransplantation - Scientific Aspects and Ethical Considerations"
Pope John Paul II, August 29, 2000
Address to International Congress on Transplants
Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 1974
Declaration on Procured Abortion
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [February 22, 1987]
Instruction on respect for Human Life in its origin and on the Diginity of Procreation Replies to certain questions of the day.

 Internet Resources

Ethics and Medics – A Publication of the National Catholic Bioethics Center -- news and discussions on life issues
Catholic Information Network (CIN)
Pontifical Academy for Life
Catholic Educator's Resource Center: Medical Ethics
The Linacre Centre
天 主教教理 Catechism of the Catholic Church