This congress reaffirms that all human beings have an inalienable dignity proper to the human nature present in everyone. In respect for this human dignity, we pledge to:

1. disseminate the knowledge about the inalienability of human dignity
2. care for our patients in way that maximally preserves their dignity, and
3. advocate for the dignity of vulnerable persons, such as the unborn, elderly, disabled, and the terminally-ill,etc.

Speakers' powerpoint presentations
27 November 2008 (Thursday) 29 November 2008 (Saturday)

Beyond Secularist Medical Ethics
Javier Cardinal Lozano Barragan

Youth, sex and condoms V what the facts really tell us
Dr. John Hui
28 November 2008 (Friday) Stay with the poor
Sr. Teresa Ma
The Christian understanding of human dignity and the practice of medicine
Prof. Luke Gormally

Health Care Scheme for the Clergy and Religious
Mr. Nicholas Ng
Challenges to Human Dignity in Secular Bioethics
Fr. Joseph Tham
Private catholic hospital for the poor in Mainland China
Fr. Zhang Heshan
Bioethics and the Stewardship of Human Dignity
Fr. David Garcia
To serve the disabled in spiritual dimension
Sr. Margaret Wong
Bioethics and the defense of human dignity in biomedical research
Dr. Derrick Au
AFCMA Country reports
Human dignity in the dying
Dr. Vincent Tse


Testing What is Consistent with Human Dignity in Modern Medicine: The Standard of the Natural Moral Law
Fr. Louis Aldrich SJ
Upholding catholic moral principles in management of a private catholic hospital
Dr. David Fang
Human dignity in patients with terminal illness (full paper)
Dr. Michael Sham
Geriatric Medicine: Soul, Opportunity, System
Dr. David Dai
Human dignity in vegetative state
Dr. Peter Au Yeung